How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?


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Are you planning to set up a website for your small or medium-sized business or organization? If you are, you may already be wondering how long it will take to build a website and how much work it will entail. 

How long a business website takes to build depends on how big your business is and who builds it. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months.  

If you are a small-medium sized business, 29dollarWebsites can create your website in a matter of a few hours once we get all of your business information and Facebook business page URL.  

Website Development Phases 

When you decide to find professionals to do the job for you, the process will involve the following: 

1. Gathering your information 

We gather the information that you want on your website. This can include:  

  • Facebook business page URL so we can pull photos (Gallery section), posts (News section), business info (Home section), about us (About section), events (Events section), and contact info (Contact section) from your Facebook page. 
  • Design customization requirements  
  • Branding and design standards (logo, color palette, and typography standards 

2. Launch 

After your company reviews and approves the website, you're ready to go online. The site goes from a test server to your host server. 

3. Updating 

The development team offer 4+ revisions depending on your website package. New additional information that is put onto your Facebook business page will always automatically be added to the website in 24 hours.  

Create an Attractive Online Presence with 29dollarWebsites 

Our website developing team can help you establish a responsive online presence that will reflect your business intentions and credibilityContact us today and learn more about our Basic and Pro website packages. 


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