The Six Best Medical Websites for Doctors To Be On

medical websites for doctors

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Given how the internet has become a primary source of information, it has become increasingly important for medical professionals to ensure that patients would be able to look them up through digital channels.  

Aside from having your own website and social media accounts, being on other reputable websites also increases your visibility and can bring you more potential leads to your medical facility or practice.  

To help you select which digital spaces to consider, we’re sharing some of the best medical websites for doctors to be listed on. 

Best Medical Websites for Doctors 

1. Google My Business 

Google My Business is by far the best directory for doctors to have a listing on. It is the most credible and helps patients find you the fastest. It shows up before any other website on Google. For instance, if you type in “foot doctor” you will see that Google My Business Listings show up first. 

Cost: It is free 

google my business listing for doctors

2. Healthgrades 

Healthgrades is another top online directory for doctors to be listed on because it appears high in most search engine result pages and it is known to be a credible source. People use HealthGrades to find information about the services doctors offer and to see patient reviews of the doctors. 

Cost: It is free, although there are also paid options available 

healthgrades doctor website


3. WebMD 

WebMD is another well-known website for doctors to get a listing on. It lets patients search for reputable healthcare providers with a particular specialty in their area. 

Cost: It is free 

webmd medical website

4. RateMD  

RateMd is also a well-known directory for doctors. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy for patients to find a doctor and get a good impression of them.  

Cost: It is free 

ratemd doctor review website

5. ZocDoc 

ZoDoc is another great listing site. It offers a bit more than some of the other directory websites because it lets patients schedule with your office directly through theirs site, provides monthly statistics showing the number of new patients you received, and more. 

Cost: It is $3,000 per year 

Zocdoc medical website for doctors

6. Your Own Website 

Besides getting yourself listed on directory websites. Your own website is by far the best way to market yourself and it provides the most credibility. You can place as much information about yourself and your services as you would like. People also tend to choose doctors who have their own website over doctors who don’t.  

Cost: As low as $29/mo 

medical websites for doctors


The Benefits of Having Your Own Medical Website 

While being listed on the directories of some of the best medical websites for doctors makes it easier for patients to find your information, having your own website is also important if you want to bolster your credibility. 

Having an optimized medical website design lets you easily share the information that patients need to see, whether it is educational resources or clinic details. By having your own website, you won’t have to rely on getting reviews from third-party sites or directories. With it, you’d have better control of your branding and messaging. Having your own website also makes it easier for colleagues and other medical professionals to refer your practice to their clients.  

Get Your Own Medical Website Today for Only $29/mo 

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Having your own website not only boosts visibilitybut it also adds credibility to your practice. Start creating your own website today with 29dollarWebsites, and give your clients a better experience. 


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