4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly

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When you are surfing the web on your phone, its difficult not to get disappointed when you come across a website that isnt mobile-friendly. It displays itself in the blocky aspect ratio thats meant for desktops, the contents are hardly accessible, and it loads too slow. Youd likely leave the website and look for something else. 

Of course, if you’re a website owner, this is the last thing you want for your visitors.   

What does a mobile-friendly website mean? 

mobile-friendly website automatically adjusts to fit the interface and speed capacity of a mobile device. It’s also designed to bring the functionalities of the web’s desktop version to mobile devices. Thus, the meaning of mobile-friendly is to allow mobile users to browse your website without compromising their surfing experience.   

Why do I need to make my website mobile-friendly? 

Here are the main advantages to making your website mobile-friendly: 

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1. Your website will rank higher in search engine results 

Google search results used to be different for desktop and mobile users. Mobile users got limited search results because the pages that weren’t optimized for mobile viewing were filtered out. 

In 2016Google decided temploy the mobile-first ranking index, which was made official the following year. Since then, mobile-friendliness has been a key factor in the way Google’s algorithm would rank the content and structure of webpagesThe mobile-friendly websites naturally get ranked higher, appearing first in both desktop and mobile search results. 

2. Your website will have more viewers 

According to study by Counterpoint, people use their smartphones more than they use any other device. Meanwhile, one of the top activities that users do on their smartphone is browsing websites.  

Making your website mobile-friendly gives your website higher chances of being discovered. But if it’s not mobile-friendly, you lose the opportunity to increase your web traffic. 

3. You’ll gain loyal viewers 

A website that seamlessly displays and operates on a mobile device is a website that gains loyal viewers. That’s why it’s important to provide your website’s viewers a pleasant surfing experience—especially when they’re on their mobile devices, because if not, you’re probably never going to see them again. 

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4. Mobile-friendly websites load faster 

And this is what users want. Over 50% of smartphone users leave websites that take longer than three seconds to load. These tend to be the websites that are programmed to operate only on desktops and not on mobile devices.  

If you make your website mobile-friendly, your viewers are more likely to stay and explore your products or services. 

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