The Importance of a Great Restaurant Website Design

The Importance of a Great Restaurant Website Design

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As a restaurant owner, you would want to expand awareness about your establishment and connect with as many existing and potential new customers as you can. A website can help you with that.  

However, setting up a professional-looking and easy-to-navigate website can be daunting and tedious. This is why some restauranteurs would rather not put one up, as this would just add to the heavy work tray that running a restaurant already entails.  

In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of having a great restaurant website design and how you can start elevating how your site looks. 

The Importance of a Website for Your Restaurant

According to Toast, 51% of diners have used a restaurant’s website to order food. Meanwhile, 35% of new customers discovered food establishments to try because of online reviews and of the restaurant’s site.  

Additionally, it has become more important than ever for a any business, including food and beverage establishments, to have a strong online presence. Diners are more likely to try a restaurant with an solid online presence than one without. Here are some of the reasons why customers visit websites: 

  • Find your location 
  • Check out your menu 
  • See your operating hours 
  • Place orders online 
  • Discover promos and discounts   

As such, a website is a handy tool for connecting and engaging your current customers and expand your restaurant’s customer base. So, how do you go about creating a great restaurant website design 

Designing a Good Restaurant Website

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In designing a website for your restaurant, you need to ensure that it effectively attracts customers and conveys important information. The website needs to be as easily navigable and user-friendly as possible, so visitors won’t get discouraged from browsing through it. Here are some of the things you should include: 

  • Basic information

Make sure your visitors can easily find your location and contact details. Provide them with your restaurant’s address, phone number, e-mail address, and alternative social platforms. Also include your restaurant’s business days and hours.   

  • Menu

Customers want to know what you have to offer. Use your website to showcase your restaurant’s menu, and highlight the dishes that would entice customers to place an order or visit your establishment 

  • Special offers or promos

Your website is the ideal space to offer special discounts or promotions. You can even incentivize customers to place online orders or  book reservation, and you can encourage them to keep visiting your website to stay updated on your latest offers. 

  • Images

Encourage customers to visit your restaurant or order from you by showing them pictures of your food. Remember, the eyes eat before the mouth tastes. Beautifully photographed images of your food might just be the push your audience needs to become your customers.  

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