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small business website statistics

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40% of small businesses do not invest in websites. According to a survey conducted by Visual Objects in 2019, most business owners find websites costly and irrelevant to their company. However, with millions of small businesses competing in every industry, you must do everything you can to make your own business stand out from the competition.  

Having your own website is one of the best things you can do. Here are small business website statistics that show precisely why having a website is essential for business growth. 

Why Every Small Business Needs a Website 

Most consumers now rely on the convenience the internet brings in learning more about the products or services they want to purchase. But in order for your business’s products and services to appear on search queries, you must have your own website. This increases your chances of landing on the first page of search results. 

A website is now an integral element in strategy planning to achieve business goals. According to a Visual Object poll, websites are one of the biggest channels that contribute most to business growth.   

Websites have become effective sales tools for establishing brand awareness. Businesses can promote products or services on websites, and customers can complete transactions through their website. This ease of doing business drives sales significantly. 

Almost a third of small- and medium-sized businesses shut down during the first half of 2020. Most of these businesses shutdown because they relied on physical stores or spaces vs operating through digital channels. 

Even before the pandemic, almost a third of small businesses were already planning on using a website in 2020. With people preferring to stay at home and make purchases online, this number is expected to grow this year, as most businesses strive to connect with their customers digitally. 

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  • The number of exclusive or heavy online shoppers grew by 133% from September 2019 to September 2020.  

This stark increase in the number of online shoppers may be due to the pandemicbut it is expected to grow even more in the near future. As consumers get more comfortable making purchases online, businesses must establish their websites to remain relevant and accessible to them. 

Build Your Website with 29dollarWebsites 

In the Global eCommerce 2020 report of eMarketer, a significant number of internet users turned to eCommerce to purchase even their basic necessities. With retail eCommerce sales expected to grow stronger in the coming years, it is necessary for small businesses to invest in a website. 

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