Website vs Social Media: Why Have A Website When There Is Social Media?

website vs social media

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Since it seems like everyone’s on social media these days, it’s easy to assume that you can promote your business using these platforms alone. Proving this point further, 40% of the businesses don’t even have a website, choosing instead to make social media profiles. This can be a costly mistake. 

Social Media Presence Isn't Enough 

Social media is incredibly useful for marketing, interacting with your audience, growing your brand, and building your online presence. But these platforms also have limitations, namely 

  • They only offer "rented space". 

Your online visibility and content are at the mercy of the platform’s rules, look or format, and popularity (think of Vine and Periscope, which were discontinued). Your account may also be shut down or temporarily banned by a platform because of a technical glitch or a rule violation, which may be unintended on your partWhile a website is something you own and have complete control of. 

  • They serve as lead generators. 

Your social media outlets aren't your consumers' final destination—your website is. Shoppers and clients look for a website to know more about what your company has to offer and what it stands for.  

The Benefits of a Business Website 

website ranking

Here’s why building a website should be part of your digital strategy: 

  • Websites rank higher on search engines. 

Up to 81% of consumers use search engines to look for a product or service online. Voice assistants, which are growing in demand, also rely on search engine results, not social media.  

  • Your competitors have one.  

Whether you're a startup or a small to mid-sized business, a website allows you to be as visible as your rivals.  

To stay on top of your game, make your site mobile-friendly and offer relevant content regularly. Up to 81% of people think less of a brand with an outdated website. 

  • Websites give you greater control 

When you have your own website, you own and control everything that gets published. You can upload a variety of content—research, blogs, e-books, and webinars, for instance—to help build your authority. You can also feature the reviews and testimonials of your choice.  

Social media can give you a ton of reviews, but a website can convert visitors to buyers more effectively when you can feature your best reviews instead. Up to 93% of consumers buy products based on online reviews. Moreover, 31% are willing to spend more on a company with lots of impressive feedback.  

  • You can stay open for business round-the-clock. 

If you run an e-commerce site, you can meet the needs of 64% of consumers who prefer shopping online. Prospective and regular clients can go to your website to get answers to their questions through your FAQ page or contact forms. 

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